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Mumpot Screenshots

All the map data on the screenshots is taken from OpenStreetMap

GPS active on the Freerunner

The violet line is the gps track, the view is centered, so that the view is centered to the current position.

Editing tags on the Freerunner

The thin lines are the osm vector data. The black line is the currently selected way. In the bottom line, the tags can be edited.

Selecting areas for printing (with the cyclemap)

The rectanlges show areas which are selected to be printed. To actually print the data, you should zoom in and then print the map.

Editing tags on the PC

Nodes are also shown. Their size shows the number of ways connected to it, so you can see whether there are nodes which have no connection to a way nearby.

OSM data loaded for Lower Saxony.

This looks a bit like modern art, It is the niedersachsen.osm.bz2 from with mapnik data around that. Of course, you should not try this on your freerunner.